How do I buy beats from the store?

To buy beats, simply click on the beat you like, then click "Add to Cart" or "Buy it Now." There are 4 lease options for you to select. Once you selected the beats of your choice, you can then complete your order via PayPal, Google Pay, or Credit Card by selecting the "Checkout" button. All files are available to download right after payment.

Lease Options

I'm looking for a beat but I can't find it in your beat store?

1. Click on Music Catalog.

2. There are 2 ways to sort through songs. Use the drop-down menu to sort through beats, or use the tabs to choose the genre of beat you are looking for.

Can I download the files directly after I make the payment?

Yes. After you’ve made the payment you will be redirected to a secure download area where you can instantly download the files.

A confirmation email, including the download links will be sent out as well.

Will I own the beat once I purchase it from your store?

Only through the Exclusive Rights License. All other licenses purchased from the beat store are non-exclusive. This means Saint Jermaine still owns the rights and the beat can be licensed to other Artists.

(If the beat still doesn’t show up in the catalog, it might be sold exclusively. In that case it’s no longer available.)

What are Trackouts?

Trackouts or trackout stems are the individual wav files that make up a beat and put in a zip file. This means you would get all of the melodies, drums, etc that make up the beat which allows you to have full control over the final mix of your song. This option is suggested if you're looking to have full control over the final outcome of your song.

Do I have to credit you as the producer?

Yes, please give credit to the producer as following "Prod. By Saint Jermaine."

Are the beats still tagged after I purchase?

All beats come with a signature tag. However, all repeated tags are removed from the beats.

Can I get a song custom made?

Yes, please reach out to saintjermainebeats@gmail.com or send a DM through Instagram for your custom request. Custom beat packs are available as well!

Other Questions?

Please send an email to saintjermainebeats@gmail.com with your question. You'll receive a response within 24 - 48 hours.